UNDERGRADUATE Programmes from University of the Commonwealth Caribbean

The Unicaribbean Business School (UBS) Nigeria offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees and MBA in business, finance, accounting and a variety of management specialisations for the University of the Caribbean. We also offer different routes to many of the degrees and specialisations. Depending on the degree specialisation and the institution of choice from amongst our partner universities. Especially good Degrees from University of the Commonwealth Caribbean.

Our undergraduate programmes are designed to provide students with strong foundation in business concepts, models and methodologies. The programmes are rigorously academic in nature and they provide necessary practical preparations for personal growth and career development. 

The bachelors’programmes offered in partnership with University of the Commonwealth Caribbean serve as a common market place for both our thorough bred students and discerning employers who place enviable premium on our graduates. The followings are some of our undergraduate programmes: 


BA in Journalism
BA in Media & Communications
BSc. in Business Administration –
BSc. in Business Administration, Accounting & Financial Management Major
BSc. in Business Administration, Accounting Major
BSc. in Business Administration, Financial Management Major
BSc. in Business Administration, Information System Management Major
BSc. in Human Resource Management
BSc. in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
BSc. in International Relations
 BSc. in Marketing

The Bachelor's Degree will be issue by University of the Commonwealth Caribbean  

 2. GRADUATE STUDIES programmes:

Master of Business Administration (UCC /UBS MBA)
 Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA)


  • To be unconditionally admitted to complete UCC undergraduate programmes, individuals should possess a minimum of five (5) subjects at the GCE or CSEC level at grades A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 respectively. A CSEC pass at level 3 must have been obtained since 1998.
  • Students with 7 CXCs/GCEs subjects including Mathematics and English Language grades 1 & 2 may be eligible for a 50% discount for the first 2 years (conditions apply).
  • Candidates who have a minimum of 4 CXCs can also apply pending the outstanding CXC subjects or can opt to do UCC replacement courses Core Mathematics, English for Academic Purpose and Fundamentals of Accounting.
  • Mature Entry: Must be working for 5 years or more, be at a minimum age of 25 years. Upon applicationacademic qualifications, detailed resume, job letter and 3 Professional References will be required.

UCC is a tertiary institution registered by University Council of the Jamaica (UCJ), the official local accrediting body for tertiary education

To apply for any of the listed programmes, please complete the application form below and return by mail to info@unicaribbeanedu.com, unicaribbeanbusinessschool@gmail.com  with proof of payment of the required application fee included otherwise you may call 08135623190 for information on fee payment and submission.